Would you like to learn english? Or refresh your knowledge of english Brushing up your language skills has never been easier than with one of our language training formulas. Each year, adults, students and children from a wide range of sectors follow tailor-made language courses at Institut Polyglots.

Our Formulas

One-on-One Language Lessons

Completely tailor made, these one-on-one language lessons allow the student to progress at their own pace and to work on their socio-professional needs.
The advantages: flexibility of organisation - large choice of objectives and teaching methods - tailor-made schedule

Language Group Lessons

Small group (maximum 6 people), homogenous level, brought together with a common objective. Group lessons put the accent on communication and interaction through role-playing.
The advantages: group dynamic and motivation - ideal to prepare "real" situations

Online lessons

Online lessons combines face-to-face courses with linguistic work via e-learning.
The advantages: increased oral skills - helps to overcome fears and inhibitions linked to the telephone- time saving - individual or group lessons

Inter-cultural seminars

This linguistic training aims to facilitate exchanges between people of different cultures, to comprehend other "visions of the world" and to relativize one's own cultural point of view.
The advantages: allows better comprehension of social codes, beliefs and values - improves relationships with clients, suppliers and foreign colleagues thanks to easier communication and stronger credibility individual or group lessons

Trouver rapidement une formation à la hauteur de vos besoins.